Developing the skills and knowledge to create thoughtful and meaningful vinyasa classes that allow for a transformative experience

If you are a yoga teacher keen to refresh your perspective and breathe new life into your classes, this workshop is for you.

Join Adrienne Murphy for 3 hours learning the art of sequencing. Adrienne will share how to effectively and purposefully sequence vinyasa classes to create fun and meaningful learning experiences for students.

The workshop will blend theory and practice to help you develop the skills to deliver both anatomical and philosophical depth to create authentic, multidimensional classes that not only set your students up for success but are also stimulating for their minds and hearts.

You will learn how to sequence group classes systematically to make your purpose clear and powerful. This workshop is designed to give yoga teachers the opportunity to become confident in the art of interweaving anatomical and philosophical depth into their classes and how to progress your sequence to meet the needs of different class levels.

In the workshop, we will discuss:

  • What makes a great vinyasa class
  • How to work with the body energetically
  • What elements to include in practice to create a layered and multidimensional class – Adrienne’s students often say, “that was like a whole universe in just over an hour” or “that was a masterpiece.”
  • A method for creating your classes from start to finish with different ways to construct the class
  • How to find inspiration for theming and planning
  • How to put together creative sequences that are purposeful
  • How to plan and teach classes to suit a full range of levels
  • How to sequence, so students feel confident and successful and ready to take on new challenges

We will practice and workshop – pose transitions, progressions, modifications, and variations

Adrienne will also take you through a mini Masterclass

About Adrienne:

Adrienne has been teaching yoga since 2013 with training in Vinyasa, Yin Level I & II, and is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and Indian Head Massage Therapist. Adrienne has taught at some of the top yoga studios across Perth and has dedicated students who follow her wherever she teaches yoga. Adrienne is also a mum to 2 beautiful little boys and taught through her pregnancies and ankle reconstruction. She draws on this direct insight and knowledge and all her years of experience and training into practicing and teaching yoga. Adrienne is passionate about connecting a strong physical and philosophical practice for students to explore and dive into the world of yoga.