Hi, my name is Kate, and I am the proud Mum to three gorgeous girls, Scarlett, Sophie and Olivia.

I have been practicing yoga ‘on and off’ for over 10 years, but it wasn’t until I started struggling with my mental health, that it truly changed my life.   

My eldest daughter Scarlett (7) has a severe medical condition so for years I lived a very isolated, fast paced, fight or flight existence, and although I tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle exercising and doing Bikram yoga classes, eventually as the number of children increased   so too did how much I neglected my own self-care. 

Eventually it all got the better of me, and I hit rock bottom (what we now call my spiritual awakening).  I knew I needed to change my inner dialogue. I knew I needed to start looking after myself, and everything would flow from there… but what I got was so much greater than that.   

I am so passionate about helping other humans to feel good, slow down, learn to love themselves again, and live mindfully, and after completing my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Flow Space, I decided to follow my heart and quit my well paying Government job to become a full time yoga and meditation teacher, and haven’t looked back.

For me, yoga is not just about the benefits to your body (although these are amazing), it’s how it benefits your mind. How it makes you feel!  It’s what it teaches us off the mat, that I love the most.  Yoga allows us to slow down and turn our attention inwards, noticing what’s serving us and what’s not.  It’s a beautiful journey of self-exploration and discovery, and one I feel forever grateful to have started.

I teach Vinyasa yoga with a strong emphasis on finding your flow, both on and off the mat.  The poses are sequenced together in a well thought out way, synchronizing movement to breath, and working into all the spaces of your body that need it most.

You’ll find lots of lovely heart openers, inversions, and other amazing poses in my flows that provide so many therapeutic benefits to the body & mind. And there’ll always be time for meditation at the end of my classes as I honestly believe calming the fluctuations of the mind is the most precious gift we can receive as humans.