Oli Francis

Oli is a dedicated yoga practitioner of many years, with extensive, hands-on assisting experience. He teaches a dynamic Vinyasa style and is motivated to instruct a challenging and safe practice through careful alignment and muscular control. Although, he is not what you may think of, as a stereo-typical yogi. A drummer and a punk in his youth, Olis’ path to yoga was somewhat unconventional. The fact that his journey has led here, would have seemed laughable not all that long ago. Initially, he was drawn to the practice of Bikram yoga. As a musician and regular sufferer of RSI and Tennis Elbow, he found that that the heat, movement and strengthening of his joints quickly solved all of his joint-pain issues. He still continues to play music, pain-free. Once he discovered Vinyasa he never looked back – preferring, a stronger, more dynamic and less repetitive practice; without the physical stress of an overly-heated room. With this style, also came the inward mental shift of a focused and mindful practice. He learned to appreciate a meditative approach to yoga. He understands how powerful it can be to come to terms with your body as it is; and to really feel and move with consciousness and awareness. So many of us take our bodies for granted, we forget how amazingly intricate and capable they are. Oli strives to give his students the opportunity to explore and connect mind and body for a truly unified yoga practice. This is true yoga, something which may in time, extend beyond the mat.