The Voice of the Silence

Join Melanie for a beautiful Friday night experience: “The Voice of the Silence.” This gentle yoga class will incorporate yin, restorative poses, guided meditation, and slow, mindful movements, all practiced close to the ground.

Perfect for all levels, this class is designed to help you:

Release tension and stress accumulated throughout the week.

Quiet the mind and cultivate inner peace and insight.

Settle into a state of deep relaxation and stillness.

This class is perfect for anyone seeking a gentle way to unwind at the end of the week and reconnect with themselves.

Class will incorporate:

Yin & Restorative Poses: Supported postures held for extended periods to target connective tissues and promote deep relaxation.

Gentle Movement: Slow, mindful movements to gently warm the body and improve mobility.

Guided Meditation: Practice tools to quiet the mind and cultivate inner peace and insight.

Silent Savasana: A period of stillness at the end of class to integrate your practice and allow the benefits to settle in.

Experience the tranquility of silence and end your week feeling calm, centered, and renewed.

β€œBefore the soul can see, the Harmony within must be attained, and fleshly eyes be rendered blind to all illusion.” ~ Helena Blavatsky.No yoga experience required

Exchange: incl in all membership & passes or $25 drop-in