New Class – Yin Nidra Roll Release

Combine mindful movement and moments in this very special fusion class. A delectable mixture of our favourite yin and nidra with Roll & Release – a method of deep-tissue self-massage that eases and eliminates pain and tension and leaves your whole being feeling completely delicious. Intermingle your juicy yin yoga sequences with gentle reprise using massage balls and specific myofascial release and mobility techniques in this one of a kind Friday night class.

About your teacher
Mads has been described as “like sunshine.” A down-to-earth yogi and meditator, Mads is passionate about finding, road-testing and sharing all the best tools for greater being. “If you want to enhance any or every area of your life, practice yoga”. It is this embodiment that Madelaine brings to the mat each time. Whether it’s quieting the mind, exploring mindful moments, wringing out and toning our bodies, breaking down philosophy and joyfully exploring the self, you can be sure of one thing – you will be greeted with a smile and will be invited to take your next step whatever that may be.

This class is run every 3rd friday. Starting 24th July

Class is open level Infrared heating(in winter) set to a cosy 27 degrees$23 casual // All TPY passes accepted