You are invited to another Zoga movement workshop run by Marta Wawrzyniak, physiotherapist and Zoga Integration Movement Teacher to achieve more movement in your body, reaching a bit more to the floor. ( 90% of people will be able to touch the floor after the session).

We will be balancing the body, gaining more movement potential, all pain free, slow movement, but very precise Zoga movement to achieve the results.

This session provides the opportunity to gain more movement in your feet, legs, hips, spine and neck. We will be targeting the posterior and anterior chain- your fascial connection. Everything in your body is connected by fascia, fascia runs over and inside your muscles. Join the session to learn more about fascia and your body.

We will be using yoga straps, a bolster and a yoga mat to achieve the results.

You can gain interesting benefits from the session, some people noticed less headaches, freedom from lower back pain, heel pain and more.

These sessions combine physiotherapy knowledge, functional anatomy and Zoga movement techniques.

All fitness levels, physical trainers, manual and movement health professionals are encouraged to join and gain relief from tension as well as sustainable take-home tools to stop it coming back in the long term.

Saturday April 20th

1.30pm – 3.00pm

All levels welcome

Exchange: $50