A shoulder mobility workshop based on the Zoga movement is designed for everyone who wants to improve shoulder mobility. It is also a great opportunity for yoga teachers to learn a new movement approach that can be easily adapted to the yoga sequence. The results after performing the movements are impressive.

Shoulder Zoga Workshop #2 will provide insightful movement explorations for the most common immobilized body areas in clients with shoulder issues.

Building on the sequence explored in Workshop #1, you will:

路 Learn and practice movement sequences to increase glide in the areas related to shoulder pain, including the rotator cuff muscles.

路 Learn and practice postural assessments for gliding restrictions for the many anatomical relationships of the shoulder and arms, especially in Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor, and Subscapularis

路 Learn how tension and compression relationships and distant positional and mobility patterns can influence shoulder pain from a mechanical perspective, including practices to help balance rotator cuff muscles and myofascial connections.

路 Use unique ZOGA movements and self-massage to elicit efficient and balanced movement for shoulders and arms

Zoga is the creation of a Polish physiotherapist, Wojtek Cackowski.

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About your Teacher: Marta Wawrzyniak
She completed master of physiotherapy at Eugeniusz Piasecki University School of Physical Education in Poland. Marta enjoys studying and expanding her knowledge base. Marta recently completed Zoga training in Poland and she would like to share the skills with Perth Community. Learn more from www.movementtherapies.com.au

When: Saturday 9th December 2pm – 3.30pm

Exchnage: $45 (max 15 ppl)