Embodied Yin + Nidra with Caryn is a class where we create gentle (sometimes more dynamic) long-held poses and somatic practices to safely bring you into your body, your senses and inner world, where you can find a place of radiant rest, nurturance and peace.

Focusing our awareness on the sensations of the body and the breath we become aware of where we hold onto tension. As we turn towards the pockets of tension we may come up against in the body and welcome it , we allow it to naturally dissolve, release and unravel, as opposed to resisting or ignoring it (as we often do with our emotions). As we attune to our subtle sensations and energy body, we create a deeper connection with ourselves on a holistic level and learn to befriend and better manage our emotions.

Embodied Yin + Nidra invites us to explore our multidimensional capacities for healing by listening and sensing with the whole body- mind. This class is a gateway to reconnect our often severed mind-body connection and inner sense of safety, to find inner wisdom, calm and pleasure within.

Embodied Yin + Nidra is a powerful tool to access a sense of spaciousness within the body, our subconscious and deep states of rest to rejuvenate and revitalize your energy.

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