New Students Introductory Offer

New students to TPY can enjoy 30 classes over 30 days for $60

To sign up;

  • Please create a PunchPass account from the link below
  • Payment will be processed at the studio on arrival to your first class
  • You won’t be able to book a class yet as your account is not activated, so please find the details of the first class you’d like to attend and arrive 15mins early to activate your account and process payment
  • Your PunchPass account will activate after your first class, and you can then book the remainder of your into offer classes


  • Only available to students new to TPY (that is, those who have never done a class with us)
  • Not transferable or refundable
  • No extensions
  • Courses / workshops / special events not included
  • You get 30 classes to use over 30 days. You can now use as many a day as you would like. This pass will expire either after the 30 classes have been used up or after 30 days, whichever comes first.
  • A class will be deducted from your offer for any ‘no shows’ to book classes  (cancellation has no consequences)