New Student Guide


You’re on your way to your first yoga class at Twisting Peacock Yoga and you’re a little anxious. Perhaps you haven’t done yoga before, or maybe you haven’t been for a long time, plus you don’t know us and you don’t know what to expect. I promise we’re okay – we don’t bite! Let’s see if we can allay some of your fears.

Please know that most people are a little nervous before they come to yoga or a new studio for the first time. Once you get through the first class it’s so much easier – by then you know where we are, you’ve met us, and the format of the class is more familiar. Be okay with first time jitters and know that they will pass.


What do I bring?


If you have your own mat, bring it along. If you forget or don’t have one we do have mats at the studio. We don’t charge for our mats, but we’d really love it if you helped clean it afterwards. There are spray bottles for mat cleaning located in the prop rooms at the back of the studio. Placing a towel over your borrowed mat is always recommended. They can get a little smelly no matter how many times we wash and disinfect them 🙁

For hot classes, please bring a towel big enough to fit over your mat. If you forget, we hire towels for a gold coin donation placed in the jar on reception. Money goes directly to Desperate for Love Dog Rescue. A great local charity helping save the lives of Perths unwanted pooches.

Bring some water with you to keep hydrated. The hot yoga yoga classes make you sweat (hopefully quite a bit!) so drink up before class, and then a bit after (once you’ve cooled down a little). We also have Carton & Co water available for purchase for $4.

We recommend practicing on an empty stomach, so avoid eating a substantial meal in the two to three hours before class.


What do I wear?

If you’ve never been to a yoga class before, it’s worth knowing that you spend a bit of time with your head down – so jewellery and loose t-shirts can be really annoying.

Pick what works for you – crop tops, body fitting singlets or shirts that are comfortable and stay where they should, loose or tight-fitting shorts or leggings – something flexible and breathable. It is perfectly acceptable and common for guys to not wear shirts (especially in hot yoga).

Hot yoga is obviously hot so for these classes make sure you don’t wear long, heavy clothing that doesn’t breath (even if it’s freezing outside in winter).


Tips on where to place your mat

If you like it hot in your hot classes look up to the roof and place your mat directly under the big white infared panel. If you like a little breeze, pop yourself on the outer edges of class near a door.

Same goes in normal classes if you like a gentle breeze but if you’re a cold frog (especially in yin and restorative classes) make sure you’re away from the edges of the studio and you bring some socks and layers and also grab a blanket for savasana.



We have to toilets out the back of the studio. When you walk in the big Bali doors walk straight and you will see a big white curtain, look up and you will see a green exit light. Underneath is the door leading out into the kitchenette and the bathrooms.

Unfortunately we don’t have showers.


I get out of the car and then …
  1. Our entry is under the awning Next to the Barber shop. Come through the entrance, leave your shoes at the bottom of the stairs and come up to reception.
  2. You have either already booked and paid through our online bookings system or you can pay with card at the studio.  Check out the pricing page for costs.
  3. Your belongings can be placed in the reception area pigeon holes. We lock the entrance door just before class starts so they are safe. (We love that most people are trustworthy but unfortunately things do happen.Please be aware that we take no responsibility for anything happening to your goodies while you’re in class so only bring the bare necessitates with you.)
  4. Only your good self comes into the studio – so no purses, wallets, keys or mobiles. Please make sure mobiles are turned off if they’re in the reception as sound does travel.
  5. At the end of class take your time getting up. Please place all your props neatly back in the prop rooms, spray and wipe down your mat.
  6. Head out and ask your teacher any questions relating to your class / injuries / philosophy etc. We are always here to help so dont be afraid to introduce yourself and have a chat.