Cancellations and Extension Policies

Class pass extensions

TPY allows a generous two months to use a five-class pass, and three months to use a 10-class pass. We have a no extensions policy, which means all sessions need to be used during these time periods. This is very achievable and provides motivation to practice regularly.

The only exception is if you have an injury or illness. Please email through a doctor’s certificate along with the dates you will need to be away and we will extend your pass accordingly.

TPY often gets asked to extend for holidays. Being a small business, this just isn’t viable. So please be aware of this when purchasing a class pass and use them all up before you jet off. This may just make you get on your mat more than once a week too, so that’s always a good thing.

Casual classes have an expiry of 30days.


Class cancellations

Please make sure if you are unable to attend to cancel your reservation 2hrs before the start of class. If you cancel after this window or you are a no show the class will be deducted from your pass as if you had attended. Or if you are on an unlimited intro pass 1 day is automatically deducted from your pass. If you are a member there is a $15 fee attached for fully booked out classes.

If you are a no show on a regular basis you will get a polite phone call from Mel (hehe). Just reminding you of these terms.



No refunds are given, unless it was a fault of TPY, e.g. your class was cancelled at the last minute.


When do I need to book online?

Bookings aren’t “compulsory” for classes. However, booking helps you commit yourself to coming to class and also, if the class is full, it guarantees your spot.

Please note we are not able to squish people into class once they are full as this takes away front the students who have booked, so please be mindful of this and get into the habit of booking all classes.


Cancellation fees …OH NO, THERE’S CONSEQUENCES!

Woops, you’ve missed class or forgotten to turn up…. When you book your place in class, we’ll hold that place for you, and potentially turn away other Twisting Peacocks from the class. We also wait a little longer to start the class incase you have been stuck in traffic etc, so out of respect for others, it’s important that you only book for classes you can definitely attend.

You can cancel up to the last minute before class starts with no consequences. If you are a no show your class will be duducted from your pass as if you had attended.

If you are on an unlimited pass and you no show 1 day will be deducted from your pass.

Any cancellation of a 3,6 or 12 month membership will invite a fee of 25% of the remaining monies owed. Please Mel for all cancellations of memberships

Please note phone, text or email bookings are not available.

What happens if a class is cancelled?

If you have booked a class and it has been cancelled, a text will be sent to the mobile number you have provided, advising of the cancellation. Please ensure your mobile number is current in our system so we can get in contact with you.


Why can’t I text, phone or email bookings?

Teachers at the studio have other commitments between classes and are not always available to either be online or have phones on. They may therefore not receive or be able to act on your booking. If you choose to text, phone or email bookings and you arrive at the studio and find the class is not on, please be aware that your message may not have been received.