Mel Howard

Hi guys, I’m Mel, the proud owner of TPY. I was fortunate enough to take over the studio in August 2014 and have loved every minute of the journey so far.

I started my yoga journey at about 14, when my Mumma bear took me to a yin/restorative/meditation-type class where women were chanting and swaying and smelling of incense. I thought they were all crazy and I was soooooo bored. I didn’t step back onto a yoga mat again until many years later.

Obviously my mum knew all those years ago what I didn’t, and that was that my crazy little brain and body needed some yin to level out all my yang. I played competitive hockey and I didn’t know what slow meant. My lifestyle was certainly one of ‘go go go’.

Fast forward and teaching yin and meditation is now my true passion. I love that a yin class is simple (but not easy) and almost anyone can do it. I love when people tell me they cant meditate, then after a just a little bit of encouragement and know how they finally get that amazing feeling of stillness.  I love that I can weave together philosophy, meditation, chakra balancing, poetry and more into my classes– basically anything that my heart desires – and bring some peace and calm to my students while bringing balance to their tired bodies.

I am also a body worker, having been a massage therapist for 15 years and a reiki practitioner and crystal healer for eight. I like to bring my knowledge of all these modalities into my classes. 

The journey from opening TPY to now has been huge for me on a personal & professional level. I have completed 80 hours of Yin training with two amazing teachers. 200hrs Hatha in India and also 200hours Vinyasa in Bali. 

I always look forward to each day and seeing the growth in my little studio and its beautiful community. I hope to meet you on the mat soon.

Namaste, Mel