Soul Soothing Sound Bath, Yin & Nidra

This class is medicine for the soul. A mix of yin yoga, yoga Nidra, and the healing tones of the seven chakra set of crystal bowls.

TPY yin yoga can help you truly unwind through a combination of floor-based yoga poses (asana) to help open your body physically and energetically so you can release tensions and worries.

The sequence of relaxing poses uses the support of bolsters, blocks, and blankets and is designed to rid the body of tension and stress. Long holds (two to five minutes per posture) help you work deeper into the physical body, enabling you to lengthen and juice up your connective tissue, increasing flexibility. And as your body starts to soften and relax, you can turn your attention to the mind to see what you can let go of there too.

You don’t need to be flexible to practice yin yoga; it is perfect for beginners who can’t touch their toes as well as advanced yogis wanting to deepen their practice.

After yin, we slide you in to your sound bath. In addition to relaxing the body and mind, a sound bath can help balance the chakras by utilizing specific sound vibrations.

A sound bath is also believed to have these benefits:

  • Calms the nervous system
  • Balances the subtle body
  • Eases depression and anxiety
  • Boosts creativity
  • Is therapeutic for chronic pain
  • Eases insomnia
  • Deepens meditation

You will then effortlessly float you into your yoga Nidra practice – yogic sleep (or as Mel likes to call it, supervised adult napping) The healing practice of yoga Nidra is an immensely powerful meditation technique, and one of the easiest yoga practices to develop and maintain. This systematic meditation takes you through the Pancha maya kosha (five layers of self), leaving you with a sense of wholeness.

The mix of these practices activates the parasympathetic nervous system (the part of your nervous system that controls rest and digestion), allowing you to enter a deeply cellular state of relaxation.

Also, if you suffer from any of the following you will benefit from this class:

• insomnia or sleep problems
• tension headache and migraine
• overthinking, worry, constant thought
• stress
• high blood pressure
• adrenal fatigue
• fibromyalgia

This class offers a truly unique experience and is a great way to take of your life and rest a while.

Every Friday 5:40PM