Ally Solomou offers a heart-opening musical alchemy like no other.

Ally is a singer, self-taught channeller, meditation facilitator and intuitive sound healer. She uses a selection of crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, flutes, tongue drums, tuning forks and her ethereal voice to transport her listeners to another realm.

Ally believesΒ the power of sound and vibration is like no other and translates across all cultures. Her own experience with sound healing has brought her a deeper understanding of herself and a sense of peace in life, and her mission is to share this with her students.Β 

Ally channels songs and sounds from Source, every note and tune are intuitively woven into music medicine – giving a unique sound bath experience every time.

Monthly on Fridays – 6pm to 7pm

Exchange: incl in all memberships & passes or $25 drop-in